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Shooting rights – case law update

Jack Keats

A recent decision in the High Court, Fuller v Kitzing and another [2017] EWHC 810 (Ch), will be of interest to our readers regarding the interpretation of shooting rights especially when they are reserved to third parties. 

Bank security: The benefits of landowners, banks and solicitors working together

Kerry Dovey

We all know farmers don’t like selling land to release capital. Re-financing is often the better option to raise cash to invest in your farming business. Whether it is to buy more land or convert redundant buildings, allowing a bank to take a charge over your assets is an obvious choice to release funds. 

Licensed shoots - Farm diversification

Sarah Jordan

From oil paintings to period dramas to the Shooting Times, the shooting season is the inspiration for many quintessentially British countryside scenes. It is also a lucrative earner for landowners who licence their land for game bird shoots, game shooting and clay shoots. 

Exchange in one day? Yes, it’s possible, says Ed Whittington

Edward Whittington

Moving house is a tortuous process in every way, usually not helped by the legal process which can drag on for several months without any explanation whatsoever. 

A kingdom for my horse: Livery businesses qualifying for BPR

Philip Whitcomb

As Winston Churchill said; “the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man” – something that many readers no doubt happily agree with. Over and above the pleasure of riding, owning and maintaining a horse takes time. So, it’s not surprising that with life as busy as it is, many take full advantage of a nearby livery business.

Stamp Duty Land Tax - Reliefs and Mitigation

Elinor Davis

Most people are by now aware that in March 2016 the government overhauled the Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) rates, ostensibly to “reform” and “make fairer” the process for “hard working families” – that oft used phrase beloved of politicians, but in fact resulting in significant increases in the amount of tax paid on properties over £250,000

Agricultural property relief, what to do following the death of a farmer

Philip Whitcomb

It will come as no surprise to many of you that even with a lack of resources in personnel and time, HMRC and the District Valuers are under pressure to maximise the inheritance tax intake.

Farm diversification – Film on a farm

Sarah Jordan

‘Film on a Farm’ is an outdoor cinema experience held in a beautiful rural location on a farm and while it originated in the South, it has been touring the UK this year with the hope to expand through franchise going forward. I have been to one and it is a great experience, especially going on a particularly beautiful evening! 

Septic tanks a dirty word

Kerry Dovey

When you are marvelling in the peace and tranquillity of having bought a home in the countryside, you are unlikely to find yourself in your new garden, enjoying the spring blossoms whilst considering the subject of sewage.  Although a dirty word, come 2020, ‘sewage’ will be at the forefront of the minds of most sellers and buyers of rural property.

Looking ahead: the outlook for agricultural workers post-Brexit

Katherine Maxwell

The UK agricultural industry undoubtedly faces uncertain times ahead following the outcome of the EU referendum, and whether this will amount to positive or negative change remains to be seen.


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