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Compensating victims of terror

Damian Horan

As the country picks itself up from the third appalling terrorist attack in three months many questions are being asked. Among them is, how can we ensure that the innocent victims of these atrocities and their families are properly supported with the care they deserve?

The Westminster attack – who compensates and funds rehabilitation for the bereaved families or victims after such a tragedy?

Eman Hassan

Whilst investigations into the Westminster Attack are ongoing, bereaved families, victims and their loved ones; together with the police and even solicitors, are trying to unravel the tragedy that occurred on 22 March 2017.

New Speeding Fines introduced from 24th April 2017

Matthew Claxson

Increased speeding fines are effective from Monday, 24th April 2017. The key difference is the introduction of a three band system that will determine a driver’s fine and number of penalty points.

How to fund a claim for personal injury compensation

Matthew Claxson

In a claim for personal injury compensation it is important your solicitor puts into place the best method of funding of the claim for you. 

The defendant admits fault but then alleges you are also at fault – what does that mean?

Matthew Claxson

If the defendant, admits responsibility for primarily causing the incident but then alleges you should bear some of that responsibility it is called “contributory negligence”. 

How can a Personal Accident Policy help you after a road traffic collision?

Matthew Claxson

A Personal Accident Policy (“PAP”) is often included as part of a policy of motor insurance, or purchased separately at the same time as an “add on” to that policy.

Winter is here, and the road surface is not in great shape!

Matthew Claxson

I put pen to paper after hearing a report that the state of our UK roads are deteriorating, that there is an increasing number of potholes, and the sum of money required to invest is substantial. 

Interim payments and rehabilitation

Matthew Claxson

Interim payments and rehabilitation, in personal injury claims, are of great assistance to those who have either suffered serious injury or have been bereaved.

Is there a time limit for bringing a personal injury claim?

Matthew Claxson

There will almost always be a time limit for you to have either settled a claim for personal injury compensation or to have started formal court proceedings.

Involved in a road crash where driver at fault is uninsured or untraced – what can you do?

Matthew Claxson

If you are involved in a non fault road traffic collision where you have sustained serious injury then you are entitled to expect the driver at fault to be insured so that their insurance company can invest in your medical rehabilitation. 


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