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Will a trade deal help companies with the loss of migration from the UK?

Much of the Vote Leave Campaign was about controlling immigration. However a leaked government EU impact analysis shows that the cost of cutting EU migration is much greater than the benefits.

There has been lots of talk about a post Brexit trade deal with the USA. This trade deal seems to be the Trump card (excuse the pun) for Hard Line Brexiteers. In practice, however this is nothing but a handshake with a few positive noises surrounding it. It isn’t clear how this deal will put the UK at ‘the front of the line in negotiating a free-trade deal with the USA’.

Even if the UK was to support a far more flexible immigration policy allowing for more EU nationals to work here after Brexit the negative effects would greatly exceed the 0.2% proposed increase in economic growth that the secret trade deal promises.

In addition, we must remember that trade deals can take  a long time to complete, for example the Canada/EU deal took 7 years! Even in previous USA cases where trade deals have been negotiated in 1.5 years, there has been at least a 3 year implementation date.

The Government must come up with some interim measures if sectors such as hospitality and agriculture are to continue to operate effectively in the UK. We hope that these issues will be addressed in the MAC Report due in September this year. Given that this is only 6 months before the Brexit date employers may have legitimate cause for concern about the implementation for any such recommendations.

If you have any questions about this, or UK immigration law in general please contact Mandie Sewa, Head of our Immigration Department, by telephone on 020 3818 5433 or by email at


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