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Will there be greater stability for gig economy workers?

Complete clarity on the issues surrounding the gig economy is still some way off, but there have been significant moves to address many of the issues.

Following several legal cases concerning the gig economy, in February 2018 the Government published the “Good Work” plan.

Created in response to the recommendations of the Taylor Review, the plan examines working practices and sheds light on gig economy workers’ lack of rights.

The Government will also launch consultations to address employment status, enforcement of employment rights’ recommendations, agency workers’ recommendations and measures to increase transparency in the labour market.

The government's goal is to ensure that all gig economy workers are entitled to workers’ rights, by:

  • Enforcing vulnerable workers’ holiday and sick pay
  • Publishing a list of “day one” rights for workers, including holiday and sick pay entitlements and the right to a payslip
  • Giving all workers the right to request a more stable contract to allow greater financial security.

As the results of the consultations are still being decided, the final outcome of the review may be uncertain. However, it could result in much greater stability for those gig economy workers who have previously been exploited and stripped of their basic rights.

The high profile “Pimlico Plumbers” case on worker status is currently making its way through the Supreme Court – so further updates to the gig economy are imminent.


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