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Christmas need not end in divorce – lawyers receive 20% more divorce calls in January

8th December 2014

5 measures to protect against divorce – recommended by divorce lawyers

Leading Hampshire law firm Moore Blatch experiences a dramatic increase in the number of calls to their enquiry line asking for legal advice on divorce during January, with 20% more calls for legal advice on divorce being received in the first month of the year than in any other month.

With UK couples spending on average £44,000 when they divorce or separate(*), the family law specialist has responded by producing a list of the top five tips of how to prevent needing to resolve any dispute in the courts:

  • Seek professional support as soon as you realise there is a problem
  • Don’t ignore the early warning signs of discontent from your partner
  • Agree an action plan and see it through
  • Be positive – smile, laugh, express affection towards your partner
  • Be clear on what you need to change

Debra Emery, Partner and Head of Family, Moore Blatch commented: “The number of calls for advice on divorce increase in January as Xmas and New Year are times of the year when everything comes to a head.  If a couple can take steps earlier on in their relationship to avoid separation or divorce, this can prevent a lot of heartache and financial upset. Seeking legal advice and support around your relationship early on can help people understand the options and responsibilities they have before they make any difficult decisions.”

Author:  Debra Emery

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