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Thousands of ex-wives could seek cash from husbands who hid assets.

14th October 2015

Moore Blatch, one of the UK’s leading lawyers specialising in divorce law, has welcomed the recent Supreme Court’s ruling on the Sharland vs Sharland and Gohil vs Gohil cases because it gives divorcees the right to pursue an ex that deliberately hid or lied about their assets at divorce.

Both cases concern non-disclosure of assets, and the divorce lawyers believe that there could be thousands of ex-wives and indeed ex-husbands that found out following a divorce that their spouse’s declaration of wealth was much less than in reality.

The lawyers are also warning that a former spouse could be held liable for all legal costs, as anyone found to have lied about their assets could be liable under the ‘litigation conduct’ rules.

Debra Emery, Partner and Head of Family, Moore Blatch commented: “I expect the reaction to the Supreme Court ruling to be two-fold.  There will be an increase in the number of people challenging existing court orders where a spouse knows, or suspects, that some sort of fraud relating to the value of assets was involved. There will also be a clampdown to ensure that all material information relating to assets is provided before a court order is made. However, even if something was concealed, it won’t necessarily change the outcome as it has to be relevant to it and not all circumstances will be, so it is advisable to seek legal advice.”

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