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ACAS issues advice and guidance for the work place during the European championship

1st June 2016

Euro 2016 has just commenced in France and will continue until 10 July 2016. Naturally, plenty of employees will be extremely excited for a month of top quality international football and as a result, ACAS have issued new guidance to stop things from “kicking off” in the work place.

Overall, ACAS advocates flexibility on behalf of both employers and employees. It advises employers to be prepared and to make any arrangements in relation to potential issues such as time off, sickness absence, or even watching TV during working hours, in advance.

It highlights and considers the following potential issues that could arise during this high profile sporting period:

  • Annual leave – the guidance notes that employers may want to consider being more flexible in relation to annual leave requests during this period.

  • Sickness absence – organisations should be clear that sickness policies will continue to apply consistently and fairly throughout this time, and may lead to disciplinary action if not followed accordingly.

  • Use of social networking sites and websites, particularly in relation to employees trying to watch the matches via their computer or own personal devices. ACAS suggests allowing staff to listen to the radio or swap shifts may be an option to ensure continued productivity.

  • Drinking or being under the influence at work – again, employers should make clear that any one found drinking at work or under the influence of alcohol will still be subject to their ordinary disciplinary procedures. Employers may wish to issue or re-circulate a clear no alcohol at work policy.

The guidance is available online and can be found here.

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