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Lymington office of leading regional lawyers appoint head of court of protection team

17th March 2014

Moore Blatch’s Lymington office has appointed Fiona Heald as a senior solicitor to head up their Court of Protection team across the firm.

Moore Blatch is a leading law firm in the South with a busy office in Lymington as well as offices throughout Hampshire, Richmond and the City. The business provides a full range of services to individuals and businesses.

Fiona will be responsible for looking after the interests of vulnerable people, working with elderly people and their carers to help them deal with issues relating to care, medical treatment and planning for the future.

Before joining Moore Blatch, Fiona spent the past 20 years working across Hampshire and surrounding areas. She specialises in Wills, Tax, Trusts, Estate Administration as well as Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection work in order to protect the interests of those clients, who may not be able to speak up for themselves.

Mike Wilson, a Partner at Moore Blatch, said: “Working in this particular field requires someone who is able to offer expert legal advice, whilst having an innate understanding of the emotional issues that arise. They also need the ability to communicate simply and effectively with their clients. Fiona has a natural warmth and empathy, which makes her perfect for this role.”

Fiona Heald, Head of Court of Moore Blatch’s protection team, said: “Just because someone is older, lacks capacity or has been diagnosed with an illness, it is still critical that their wishes are listened to and taken full account of. I am looking forward to continuing to work in this highly specialised area of law.”

Author: Fiona Heald

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