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Denise Deakin

Associate Barrister

Area of Expertise

  • Clinical negligence

I have specialised in clinical negligence for the past 14 years having previously had a successful career in the NHS to senior nurse level.

I have extensive experience in settling a wide variety of clinical negligence claims including cases involving brain injuries such as HSE encephalitis, septicaemia, loss of vision, hearing loss, obstetric, amputation and other orthopaedic injuries, haemochromatosis, osteoporosis and delayed diagnosis of cancer cases, particularly prostate and bowel cancers.

Our clients come to us in the most difficult and demanding circumstances. My aim to therefore to simplify the legal process and to remove as much of the stress as possible to help them through what is already a difficult and often traumatic time.

I aim to help my clients obtain fair compensation for the injuries they have suffered and to provide for their future medical and care needs. My clients are also concerned to ensure that lessons will be learned and necessary changes made to avoid such mistakes in the future, and I assist in ensuring issues are raised and recommendations are implemented.

Client Case study

Jo's story:



Client testimonials

  • "She was very easy to work with. She kept me updated. She called and explained everything with regard to what they were doing and why they were doing it. She took on board advice I had. She seemed very knowledgeable and got on with the job professionally. She really did make me feel at ease. She made me feel like there was someone in my corner." Client
  • "She’s been an incredible part of my life. She’s compassionate and warm, and her attention to detail and passion for her profession has changed my life. For that I will be forever grateful." Client
  • "Denise is just a really friendly and sympathetic person. She is very good at her job. She is very conscientious; all the Is are dotted and the Ts crossed. She is very good at explaining it to people who are not very good with the law and she is also very sensitive. She was so kind even though it was a very difficult time. Denise was always very professional and understanding." Client
  •  ‘The service provided by Moore Blatch in pursuing my husband’s clinical negligence case has been excellent. Always professional and efficient, Denise was also extremely understanding and easy to talk to. She was never too busy to take a phone call or to explain something again. Her kindness when my husband died and all the help and support she has given me since then, has been greatly appreciated. Her tenacity and expertise in bringing a complicated case to a successful conclusion was second to none.’ Mrs AB, Client
  •  ‘Thank so much for all your kindness during what is a very harrowing time for me. I really appreciate all your time, but mostly your wonderful sensitivity – you were always kind and thoughtful to me – Thank you from the bottom of my heart.’ Mrs JJ, Client
  •  ‘We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for all your hard work and assistance in our case.’ Mr LL, Client

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