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Jan Galloway


Area of Expertise

  • Family

I am a partner in the firm’s family team. Having worked previously with a well known West End firm, I welcomed the opportunity to join Moore Blatch and develop the firm’s family law service in the Richmond area.

My clients are drawn from many different professions and industry sectors, both in the UK and abroad, and are often high net worth individuals with assets in more than one country. They want to know that their legal team is experienced in handling high value and complex cases such as theirs and that their lawyers are amongst the best around.

I have specialised in family law for over 20 years and have particular experience in handling complex financial settlements, often involving assets held in two or more countries. I am an accredited member of the Law Society Family Law Accreditation scheme, a trained mediator (not currently practising) and a collaborative lawyer.

My experience covers all aspects of family law, from involvement at the start of a relationship with the preparation of pre nuptial, civil partnership and cohabitation agreements and post separation including divorce and separation, financial remedies and the arrangements for the children.

Relationship breakdown is usually a very distressing and emotional experience. My clients need a sympathetic and understanding approach, whilst also wanting to know that I have a thorough grasp of the details of their case and that I will pursue their interests with tenacity and determination.

My clients can be confident that I will give them the best objective legal advice, based on my expertise, skills and years of experience.  I also help them to reach a resolution in a non-confrontational and cost effective manner and where appropriate, help them explore the options such as mediation and collaboration.   

I remain passionate about family law and have a large network of fellow professionals to assist my clients with the many issues they face at this time, providing a full package of support from trusted advisors.

My clients can feel assured that they are getting the best legal advice available, together with the support of lawyers who work with empathy and care. You can view our latest blog entries here.

Download our mediation referral form here.


  • Law Society Family Law Accreditation scheme, collaborative lawyer


  • Resolution

Directory Quotes

"A strong, confident person, she's very on top of her case. She's utterly dedicated and always finds the shortest route for the client."

"She deals with extremely complicated cases of a very high value."  Chambers and Partners UK 2018

Jan Galloway of Moore Blatch LLP specialises in cross-border cases and is capable of handling both financial and children work which spans multiple jurisdictions. Sources say: "She understands how international private law issues operate in children cases and she strongly looks after her client's interests." Chambers UK 2017


"Jan is excellent at client relationships and gives 100% to her matters. Jan is very good at looking at the big picture, and is skilled at mastering complex factual cases. I have always found her advice to be well considered, practical and client-focused." Third Party

"She has been extremely diligent and professional and worked towards the best possible outcome over a long, drawn-out period. She has excellent contacts, and has provided thoroughly thought-through advice, during what was a stressful period. She demonstrated excellent client care and attention to detail." Client

"Jan Galloway surpassed all of my expectations of legal support. In addition to being extremely professional, organised and clearly very knowledgeable - plus well connected with barristers for representation in court - she was patient, understanding and extremely supportive during a very difficult time. Jan's open, friendly manner put me at ease instantly and I felt I could turn to her for all matters." Client

"Jan is a fantastic lawyer. She is very professional, understanding and empathetic. Jan managed to find ways to make difficult concepts easy to grasp. I have complete trust in her. She has served my interests in the best possible way. I always felt I could reach out every time I had a problem, a worry or a doubt. I greatly admire her." Client

"I want to record my deep and sincere thanks to you, Laura, and your team for all you have done. I am extremely grateful to you and all at MB, for your sincerity, professionalism and doggedness." Client

"Thank you for your help on my behalf during the nasty business concluded late last year. Your professional expertise coupled with your ability to lighten a grim situation had made the whole sorry process more bearable. Thank you very much for securing me enough money to buy my lovely little house." Private client

“Thank you for steering me through the pain and helping me to see clearly – even when it was very hard. I’m lucky to have a family that could help me fight through it and without them and you I would never be where I am now. Thank you forever Jan.” Private client

"Dear Jan, thank you so much. It will be a relief to finalise all the financial matters, and move on. Again, many thanks for your sympathetic and careful handling of a difficult situation." Private client

"Much of the whole process is baffling but the guidance you gave me, your relentless focus on the right way to achieve a fair result and your whole approach since the very start is hugely impressive and totally appreciated. I really felt I was being helped by a brilliant team that wasn't just working for me, but for my children too." Private client

"I just wanted to say the biggest thank you to you for getting me through the last 18 months. Your advice, wisdom, professionalism and kindness have been exceptional and thanks to you, I am a stronger, more confident person." Private client 

"What great work you have done for me. I will certainly recommend." Private client

"Thank you to you and your team for your kind attention and service over the past months. It probably wasn't the most interesting of cases you have ever had to deal with but it was seismic to my life and I am very grateful for the sensitive way in which you handled my interests and more importantly my children." Private client 

"Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I have to say, you are an amazing solicitor and I would not have coped so well without your kind, firm and professional guidance. You have helped me grow and become more confident in what I am able to achieve. Although this journey has been somewhat painful, you have been an incredible support. I tell my friends that you have been my rock. It will feel very strange not having you in my daily life anymore, but I am so grateful for you, and I hope you are as appreciated as you deserve to be." Private client 

"Words can’t express how grateful I am for all the hard work you have both done" Private client

"She is extremely knowledgeable and professional, compassionate as well, and pretty tenacious. She went above and beyond the call of duty." Private client

"She's a good mediator, incredibly sensible. She's such a people person. She protects the client but she works for the benefit of the family, and she has good judgment." Market commentator

"She fought very hard, and was sensible at the same time.She can act in the interests of the client, and can be strategic.She is someone you can pick up the phone to.It can get personal, but not with her – it was a good battle." Market commentator

"Jan Galloway understands how international private law issues operate in children cases.She is a solicitor who strongly looks after her client’s interests.In an international child case, she works as part of a team.She is skilled in working together with a lawyer from another jurisdiction, and has the experience to ably instruct counsel in contested international children matters." Independent third party

"Jan Galloway, who is increasingly assisting with family assets located overseas, is ‘excellent at client relationships; very good at looking at the big picture and is skilled at mastering complex factual cases" Legal 500

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