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Naomi Greenwood



Area of Expertise

  • Employment


  • Education
  • Advertising and Media
  • Banking and Finance
  • Retail

I am a solicitor and partner in the employment law team and split my time between the firm’s City and Richmond offices. I advise both businesses and individuals on employment law matters.

For my business clients I perform a general advisory role to HR, senior management and in-house counsel. My clients know that they can call on me at any time to assist with issues that arise, including matters such as redundancies and restructurings, disciplinaries and grievances and defending employment tribunal litigation. I understand the importance of being contactable and responsive. My clients operate in sectors where they may have to rapidly address breaches of confidentiality and restrictive covenants that present a commercial risk to the business and I have the experience and support of a great team to deal with these situations.

I also provide employees with the clear and pragmatic employment law advice they require. I advise on contracts and service agreements at the commencement of employment and on settlement packages upon termination. I can advise you on your rights and the associated risks and costs if you think you have been treated unlawfully. Then if you require I will provide you with robust representation in litigation. I have a proven track record of reaching a successful outcome for my clients.

Directory quotes

Naomi Greenwood is held in high regard by clients for her "consideration and clear depth of experience," with one client appreciating that "her guidance clearly demonstrated commercial understanding and the best way for us to handle issues in light of the wider demands of our business." Her client list includes companies and senior individuals working in the advertising and media sectors. Chambers UK 2017

Naomi Greenwood provides employment advice to corporates and senior executives. She impresses clients with her "ability to understand people" and for "coming to each case with a fresh view, taking an empathetic approach and managing expectations well". Chambers UK 2016

Naomi Greenwood is recommended. Legal 500, 2016

Naomi Greenwood has a ‘shrewd, incisive brain’. Legal 500, 2015


"She is incredibly personable and sympathetic. She is very clear on how to achieve the best for her client. Our initial discussions were around what I wanted to achieve, and we did so." Client

"Her strengths are that she thinks carefully. She calmly and quietly thinks about things and doesn’t rush in. She looks at everything in the whole, so to speak. She knows her stuff in terms of strategy and tactics. That’s reassuring. She involved me in her strategy, took what I had to say on board and then advised me from the employment law perspective about the best ways to proceed. ‘Measured’, I think is the word for her. I felt in safe hands with her. I think she did very well." Client

"Naomi has been great at outlining other services outside of employment law. She gives succinct advice, explains the facts and the risks and makes recommendations. She’s very straightforward to work with. She’s always available and responsive." Client

"She's excellent. She offers down-to-earth advice and moves things along fast." Market Commentator

"Naomi Greenwood is excellent, in terms of both the scope of her knowledge and her level of client care." Client

"She is particularly user-friendly and down to earth. She's highly responsive and a very good, sensible practitioner." Independent third party

"Naomi Greenwood has been fast to respond to questions and she gives clear reading of the law and the application of legal rules to the facts of the case. Her advice is pragmatic and practical and she is a solution-orientated partner." Client

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