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Drafting loan documentation

When lending money to borrowers you need well-drafted loan agreements and security documents to protect your assets and your company.

You need someone who has a keen eye for detail and doesn’t leave any stone unturned when producing this initial documentation. Getting this right at the start will minimise the risk of issues arising in the future.

Advice with conviction

We work through a rigorous due diligence procedure so that we are confident when advising you on the quality of the asset to secure the loan:

  • Is the property worth what it is listed as?

  • Are there any rights of way issues?

  • Is the correct planning permission for building work done to the property in place?

Giving you a commercial solution

We are here to help lenders lend. Our honest, thorough approach means you can make decisions that are right for your business. You can talk to us about your company goals and we will give you our professional opinion on what would be best for you.

No problem is insurmountable

We will get you to where you want be in an efficient and positive way. If there are issues, we resolve them. Unlike other law firms, we don’t just push the problems back to the client; we work with you to get a solution.

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If you would like more information, or make an appointment to see us, please contact Rob Evans.

A complete legal solution

We specialise in legal services for lenders, banks and investors to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ of support.

Legal advice for other areas of your business

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