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Professional negligence

If a professional service provider, such as a lawyer, surveyor or accountant, has not delivered their services to the standard expected, and it has meant that you’ve suffered as a result, we can help.

We understand that in these situations you want to correct the errors and get your case moving as quickly as possible to avoid any further delays or loss of money.

Specialists in claiming against solicitors and surveyors

We have developed a particular strength in progressing professional negligence claims against solicitors and surveyors, including:

  • Breach of contract

  • Breach of trust

  • Fraud claims

  • Title rectification

  • Tortious breach of duty of care

  • Breach of warranty of authority

  • Claims again legal indemnity insurers (who will often be resistant to making payments)

We have in-depth knowledge and experience of working with lenders and know what is needed to deal with even the most complex claims.

Contact us

To find out more information or to start the process to investigate your chances of claiming, please contact Rob Evans.

Fees and funding

There are various options available, that offer a low-risk, low-cost solution, including:

  • Before the event insurance

  • After the event insurance

  • Conditional Fee Arrangements (no-win-no-fee)

  • Damages Based Agreements (contingency fees)

  • Third party litigation funders

For a fixed fee we will investigate initially to understand the strength of the claim and we can then discuss what’s best for you before committing to progressing the claim.

Full legal service for lenders and investors

Across our firm we can provide a complete legal package to help lenders lend, recover assets and give support when things go wrong, which is where our professional negligence team feature.

Let us investigate if you have a claim

After a tailored and bespoke investigation, we will be able to advise on the strength of your case and whether we can pursue a claim against the professional’s insurer.

Our approach is always to find solutions; we won’t tell you the problems and leave you to resolve it. We will find answers and let you make a decision that is best for your business.

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