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IT and telecommunications

We have considerable experience in advising on major IT services and integration projects, including disputes that arise during these projects.

We can support you on:

  • IT services/outsourcing agreements/technology procurement – We have a track record for acting successfully on large projects where IT services or other outsourced services are involved. We work with you to identify major risk areas and draft the relevant contract to minimise these risks, such as software customisation, integration and the inclusion of appropriate remedies and limitation of liability terms.

  • Social media and e-commerce – We advise on social media and on-line business regulatory issues, website development and terms to ensure that a trader’s terms and conditions are compliant with current consumer legislation. This can also include data protection and the protection of privacy.

  • Software development and mobile apps –We give advice on the development process and the need for taking care in developing clear, objective technical specifications and having relevant warranties to back these up. We help to protect you and your business by ensuring that suitable limitation clauses and service levels are in place.

  • Telecommunications - We advise telecommunication providers and resellers on regulatory issues and draft agreements for the supply and purchase of telecommunications services, including data services (Broadband, Superfast, FTTC, MPF, SMPF, Ethernet First Mile and Ethernet), hosted services, mobiles and equipment.

  • Dispute management - Taking advice at an early stage of a dispute is important, before parties become entrenched in their positions. We use mediation and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to resolve disputes. If this is unsuccessful we handle any formal litigation that is necessary to protect your interests.

For more information please contact Dorothy Agnew or John Warchus.

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